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nauta mixer

How Nauta Mixer Works
Salient Features of Nauta Mixer
Applications of Nauta Mixer
Type of Nauta Mixers
Accessories for Nauta Mixers
Choosing A Vertical Blender Over Horizontal

Application of Vertical screw Mixer

  These are generally used in case of applications that require gentle mixing action and minimal heat generation at the same time these mixers can also be used for applications that requires high shear mixing this is accomplished using lump breakers, which is driven separately.  
  • Adhesives , Agricultural feed supplements , Bakery premixes

  • Baby powder, Brake lining compounds , Colored cement mixes

  • Cleaning compounds, Cosmetic creams, Detergents

  • Drying of plastics resins, Chocolate drink mixes

  • Dried soups, Dry color pigments, Dyestuffs blending and drying

  • Fertilizers, Glass ingredients, Insulation materials

  • Plastisol, Homogenization of phenolic resins

  • Pet foods, Spices, Textile softeners, Toothpaste

  • Pharmaceuticals, Processed cheeses

  Mixing Dry Materials  
  Dry materials are charged through the top and ingredients may be added as desired without interrupting mixing cycle. Arrangements are available for injecting liquid or paste additives into the mix through the top or bottom of the tank. The screw's spiral action is upward, lifting ingredients from the bottom of the tank up through those at the top. Discharge is at the bottom and it fast and easy.  
  For paste, Creams, lotions  
  Our mixer is equally successful in mixing creams, pastes, or dispersions such as plastisol, achieving complete homogenization with minimal agitation & very little heat.  
  In mixing pastes, the most effective procedure is to pour in about half of the liquid ingredient (s) from the top of the tank. Then, with the screw agitator running downward, the dry ingredients are added.  
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