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nauta mixer

How Nauta Mixer Works
Salient Features of Nauta Mixer
Applications of Nauta Mixer
Type of Nauta Mixers
Accessories for Nauta Mixers
Choosing A Vertical Blender Over Horizontal


  Mixing processes and mixer designs depends upon the nature of the materials to be mixed. We have developed a wide range of mixing technologies to meet customer requirements in the needs of powder, paste, slurry and liquid applications.  
  Industrial mixing and blending equipments are separated into two sections namely: Batch mixing technology and Continuous mixing technology.  
  MIKRONS® Nauta Mixer  
  Our Nauta mixers are widely used for the following applications namely  
  • Gentle mixing of free flowing powder with powder

  • Addition of liquids to powders by means of a spray nozzle

  • Intensive dispersion of liquids and solids by means of the intensifier

  • Granulation by moisture addition

  • Heating and cooling

  • Drying by means of heat input in combination with vacuum with liquid recovery

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