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nauta mixer

How Nauta Mixer Works
Salient Features of Nauta Mixer
Applications of Nauta Mixer
Type of Nauta Mixers
Accessories for Nauta Mixers
Choosing A Vertical Blender Over Horizontal

Accessories for Nauta Mixer

  • Discharge Valves: Four types of discharge valves available

    - For Dry powder: Rotary air lock valve
    - For liquid: Rotating plug valve.
    - Also rotary slide and sliding gate valves are used

  • Jacket: MS jacket provided for heating /cooling operation with /without limpet coil for steam inlet.

  • Tapered screw design: Instead of straight screw design our mixers are provided with tapered screw which reduces dead spot.

  • Drive: In small capacity model, single motor used for driving both screw and swing arm. In higher capacity mixers, two motors are used and in some cases VFD used for variable speed operation

  • Cover: Hinged, half and flanged covers available

  • Lump breaker: Self powered lump breakers provided at the bottom of the tank. The objective of the breaker is to ensure uniform material size in the mix.

  • Liquid Injection System: Simple spray pipe with nozzles used for addition of liquid

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