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nauta mixer

How Nauta Mixer Works
Salient Features of Nauta Mixer
Applications of Nauta Mixer
Type of Nauta Mixers
Accessories for Nauta Mixers
Choosing A Vertical Blender Over Horizontal

Unmatched salient features of MIKRONS® Conical Screw Blender

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Exceptional mixing Accuracy: By employing Nauta Mixer we can achieve excellent accuracy in mixing even when the components are present in minor quantity.
Mixer design: Our Nauta mixer design ensures low maintenance and GMP model available for Pharma/ food application
Mixing efficiency: Higher efficiency achieved compared to horizontal blenders
Shorter mixing time
Low power consumption
Gentle Mixing achieved
Fast and full discharge: Rotary discharge valves and pneumatic discharge systems employed for faster discharge rate.
Easy addition of liquid
Easy to clean: These conical mixers are easily cleanable either in a dry way using special extra large doors on the vessel or in a wet way using spraying devices
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