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nauta mixer

How Nauta Mixer Works
Salient Features of Nauta Mixer
Applications of Nauta Mixer
Type of Nauta Mixers
Accessories for Nauta Mixers
Choosing A Vertical Blender Over Horizontal


Bakery premixes and Chocolate drink mixes
Brake lining compounds
Colored cement mixes
Cosmetic creams
Glass ingredients and Insulation material
Homogenization of phenolic resins

Why Nauta Mixer ?

These mixers are generally used in case of applications that require gentle mixing action and minimal heat generation without any product distortion .These blender/mixer can also be used for applications that requires high shear mixing, which can be accomplished using separately driven lump breakers. Above all , the major advantage is that the power required for mixing in a nauta mixer is very less compared to the volume of product it can handle.
For example a 15,000 litres capacity horizontal blender requires 75 HP power for blending, whereas a Nauta Mixer requires only 15 HP power for the same volume.
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